20th modern design and more...

lampada jieldè

Trade 20th modern design & vintage furniture, lighting, accessories and ‘900 cult items…a selected objects collection for home and more…from the beginning of the 20th century up to the ’80, from rational old ’50s style to scandinavian design passing from the Italian design to industrial style

A simple boy who wanted to create, build, destroy and re-build.. My passion for aged and vintage objects started soon, straight after I turned 18. I sold my brand new moped and started looking for something different: I bought a Vespa farobasso by 1953…Since then for me a whole new world had opened up: a world made of old things! A world in which my fantasy and ethic sense had free rein and soon became true passion.

A passion that was fueled by a constant search of something that could stimulate my creativity : like an old portmanteau or a proper cult object. Something that could receive my personal taste, since I find really hard buying, designing, selling or restoring something that doesn’t captivate my eyes and my mind.

The objects that you can find in this website are objects that I would keep for myself if I could : just for the pleasure of seeing the work and love I put in them and the charm given by the passage of time.

The philosophy behind this project is based on recovery, recycling and renovation. I distinguish myself for the care of particulars, for the deep search and the knowledge of the objects’ history and their components, always trying to respect but to renew their originality with the right balance between new and recycled materials.

These are the fundamentals for the care and the pleasure of the objects’ restoration… and for who will appreciate the work behind it.


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